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Getting married is one of the best moments of joy couples experience, but some of them do not survive their marriage, unfortunately. Divorces are a highly

stressful time for any couple to endure after being in love for so long. It is a life-changing transition that can suck the life out of people, especially if you have been married for a long time and have children too. The experience is not only mentally exhausting for the couple getting a divorce, but also for their children, friends, and family. 

At such a raging, emotional time, we understand the need for strong and effective legal representation that would help make the divorce process go by smoothly and efficiently. Some divorces tend to get quite messy, as both the parties fight over children, property assets, and pets even for the longest time. These fights can drain you out immensely, often resulting in people developing major anxiety and depression as well.  

To make the divorce as easy and kind as possible on both the sides, we provide attorney services in all of Anaheim and Los Angeles, California. As California is a community property state, it means that all the marital property acquired during the course of the marriage will be divided into equal halves. For this, three major factors are taken into account. Firstly, it is determined if the property owned is separate or marital. This applies to debts too. Following it is finding an agreement on the total value of the marital property and finally figuring out the cleanest way to equally divide it.  

Usually, property and children are the main focus of divorce fights and if not handled carefully, these can stretch for a great number of years, making everyone miserable throughout.

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In such cases, the ones who suffer the most are the children as they are forced to experience such tragic and traumatic phases during their main growth periods.  


Divorcing couples fight on child custody and child support mainly. It has to be decided with which parent will the children live (custodial parent) and what are the visitation rights of the other parent. Custody options are divided into joint custody and sole custody. Child support is also discussed in detail as the parent with better income has to provide financial help as well. Of course, there are many exceptions too as every case is unique.  

In full custody of a child, the parent has the power to take all the child’s decisions without having to ask the other parent, unless the decisions are major issues and need intervention from both parents. It is also important in the case of older children to allow them to decide as well if they have a parent preference. All of these factors have to be thoroughly considered while forming conclusions. Hence, divorces with children are quite tricky to handle and all the family law court decisions revolve around the children’s well-being. 


Our divorce attorneys are the perfect mediators to help you with your divorce in such difficult times. We have skilled and highly competent teams of separation lawyers and financial professionals who can look into all details of a marriage and its dissolution in Anaheim and Los Angeles, California. According to the most recent census, there are around 53.4% opposite-sex married couples and 0.7% of same-sex married couples in Anaheim. Out of a total of 98,294 households, around 44.8% have children below 18 years of age.  The divorce rates in Orange County are some of the highest ever found in the USA. While the national divorce rate is 50% average, there is a 72% rate of divorce in Orange County.  

As divorces are on the rise, we value our clients and want them to get the safest and best deal out of their divorce. Our mediation lawyers are some of the best lawyers in the whole world and they are exceptionally intelligent, up to date with the latest laws, regulations, and state rules, are extremely compassionate, polite and kind, and will always work to serve your best interests. During such distressing periods, it is reassuring to know that we are here for you and we have got your back.  

Here at our company, we realize that every case is different, and the needs of all clients are diverse. While we work for you, our goal is to litigate, negotiate, and mediate to achieve top-notch results for all of our clients. For example, just like child support, spousal support is also a hot divorce topic.  

In cases where one partner was dependent on his/her spouse, they may require temporary spousal support or alimony. In California, as a general rule, alimony support is supposed to last half the length of a marriage of fewer than 10 years duration. If the marriage survived for more than 10 years, the duration for alimony is not usually set unless necessary.  

At times, divorce cases can become subjectively messy. Combined health and financial subscriptions such as insurance plans and health plans can also create barriers. In emotional, vulnerable moments, if you happen to cancel your spouse’s insurance plans, these may be taken quite negatively by the judge who handles your case. Such matters need to be discussed in detail with your lawyer as their advice could save you a lot of money and property loss in your divorce case.  

It is imperative that you have the finest legal representation for an acceptable and healthy divorce settlement. This is why we are here to take care of you in your weakest and most vulnerable times. Our team of divorce lawyers are the absolute best in the business and are exceedingly qualified to fight and manage even the most complex and slippery divorce cases, even all arbitration cases.  

It is important to know that there are two methods of ending your marriage, either via divorce or by marriage dissolution. Marriage dissolutions are a no-fault divorce while technically a divorce includes alleging faults of partners leading to the split. However, in California, all couples will be subject to no-fault divorces or marriage dissolutions, as fault-based grounds are not entertained by the court, even if faults like adultery or so do exist.  

Why Choose Us 

Divorces are often emotional roller coaster rides that throw frightening turns and twists your way. There are so many legal technicalities that are bound to arise in such matters. A person going through such a life-altering and traumatic experience may not be in their right state of mind at all times to handle complications in the divorce settlements. Therefore, this is where we come in the picture.  

Our team of distinctly educated lawyers is ready to take up any challenge. We are aware of the mental, physical, and emotional torture that couples in active divorces go through and our legal representatives are available at all times to help you get through this grueling and painful time. Your dedicated lawyer will guide and assist you throughout the procedure and ensure to take steps with your consent that will only result in your favor and betterment. Client satisfaction, contentment, and happiness are all we ever hope to achieve.  



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